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We have created a multi-purpose box that makes use of the beautiful Japanese cypress pattern and curvaceous beauty of the gentle lean meat. The surface of the main body has a canna finish, and the texture gives you peace of mind. In the process of changing seasons (temperature and humidity), the color becomes glossier and darker.

80-year-old cypress, about 75 cm in length, is processed by a craftsman's grinding and bending technique. The bottom is adjusted to the roundness of an octagon to suppress deformation due to shrinkage of wood.
A gentle wooden box that fits well on both flooring and carpets.

There are various uses. For offices, living rooms and bedrooms.

* Since natural materials are used as they are, there is no same wooden pattern. Please note that it is a product-specific "taste". The material used is the side plate of Morisho Meiki Sangyo Yoshino Hinoki Tyco decorative beam.

Item details

Size: ONE SIZE Height 30cm Diameter 21.5cm
Material: Yoshino cypress from Nara Prefecture No-knot board processing: Yoshino Woodworks, Shimoichi Town, Nara Prefecture

We also accept custom orders for wooden boxes up to 30 cm in height and 24 cm in diameter. Please contact us.
* Please refrain from placing heavy objects on top.
* When using in layers, we recommend fixing with double-sided tape.
* Please note that water may cause stains.

"Hachiho" Hinoki Multi Box



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