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Address 511-2, Utanofuruichiba, Uda City, Nara Prefecture

Phone number 0745-84-2021


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19-1 Matsui, Uda City, Nara Prefecture

黒岩カメラマン 会社 銘木 宇陀景_201028_32.jpg

Access to Morisho


​Scenery from the national highway side * Become Tsujimura Hospital

黒岩カメラマン 会社 銘木 宇陀景_201028_66.jpg

Uda City is located in the plateau area called "Yamato Kogen" in the northeastern part of Nara. The name "Uda" can be found in "Kojiki" and "Nihonshoki", and is also known as the stage of the tradition of Jimmu. Uda Matsuyama, an important traditional buildings preservation district with a history and culture that has evolved from a castle town to a commercial town, and Murouji Temple, known as the Women's Takano, are particularly famous as tourist destinations.

While the cold is harsh, it is cool and easy to spend in the summer, and agriculture that takes advantage of the climate is flourishing. The leather industry and the polished log industry are already famous as the main traditional industries. In recent years, community development using medicinal herbs has been carried out. You can choose from a variety of lifestyles, such as residential areas developed around Haibara Station, rural areas in the Haibara / Utano area, mountainous areas in the Murou area, and townhouses in the Ouda area.

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