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Characteristics of Yoshino Forestry

The characteristic of Yoshino Forestry is that it is a "long-cutting period" by repeating extreme "dense planting" and "thinning" many times. It has been used as a building material 500 years ago, and Yoshino's materials are also used in Osaka Castle and Fushimi Castle, which were built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
In the Edo period, it was used as knotless wood such as barrels, soy sauce barrels, and miso barrels. There was also a time when the main purpose was to produce high-quality building materials, sake barrels and barrels .

What can be said consistently across generations is that the well-maintained trees are full-blown, straightforward, the result of superior technology and the natural environment, and the delicate grain tells its history. ..

Recently, the number of plants planted is about 7,000 to 8,000 / ha, and we have avoided the establishment of a simple simultaneous forest by mixed planting of sugi and cypress.

Thinning is carried out for the purpose of childcare until about 30 years, and thinning is continued every few to 10 years until around 1970, and every 10 to 20 years thereafter.

We continue to grow it over many years until it becomes a product and goes out into the world.

"I want to leave abundant forest resources to the next generation."

The accumulation of such compassion may be Yoshino Forestry.

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