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Product sales business​ ~​ Morisho Manufacturing Features ~


​Bringing the thoughts of forest creation to our products

sustainable forest

Focusing on in-house manufactured polished logs
"Manufacturing of symbol tree"

"Manufacturing of cooperating factories that make the best use of materials"

Forestry x Famous wood x Sawmill

Forestation is made up of tremendous accumulation of work with a long time axis. We believe that the accumulation of compassion from a long-term perspective, not just the immediate future, will lead to a rich forest, and we are devoting ourselves every day.

Characteristics of Morisho product sales business

Five strengths of our product sales business.

① " Making high quality polished logs " by our craftsmen

(Polished logs are made up of not only the technology to bring out the luster at the time of manufacture, but also the advanced forestry technology that is conscious of the cutting season and does not damage it.)

(2) Morisho's <managed natural drying method>

(We control the temperature and humidity all year round and dry the earthen wall of the symbol tree. We manage the decorative beams and polished logs so that we can know when and where they were manufactured, and maximize the goodness of the tree. It is.)

③ Hear the voices of customers and owners and make daily improvements.

(About 300 people visit the company every year, including the forestry experience. We talked about our "feelings" and asked where we felt the "goodness of trees" of Morisho. We are making improvements so that Sho's "manufacturing" can meet the expectations of our customers. We are increasing the number of products we handle year by year, and we will make various proposals.)

④ We can make proposals centered on cedar cypress, including shrine and temple materials, precuts, flooring, wallboards, and interior materials.

(We can propose from high-class materials to bargain products according to your budget. We also provide JAS structural materials.)

⑤ Legal timber supplier

(Two forest management planners have their own forestry standards. We also deliver safe and secure timber that is certified by businesses that are trying to prove the legality and sustainability of timber and timber products. <Certification number: Nara Prefectural Timber Cooperative Association No. 002>)


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