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Handling products​ ~​ Morisho lineup ~

A1_まるごと 森庄パッケージ.jpg

Symbol tree
Various famous trees
Base / pillar (pre-cut material)
Flooring wallboard
Carp streamer rod and other seasonal products
​ Single plate log, stump aroma oil, distilled water wood fiber (insulation material)




Thanks to the resources of the forest,

Use a single tree to the fullest.

黒岩カメラマン 会社 銘木 宇陀景_201028_54.jpg
Polished logs

​Bring out the texture of wood

We carry out tempering management every day and carry out ecological "natural drying of earthen walls" that does not overload.

黒岩カメラマン 会社 銘木 宇陀景_201028_59.jpg
Symbol tree

Color the space

Why don't you think together about how to make the best use of the individuality of the "symbol tree" tree that colors the space?

ウッドデザイン賞ヒノキの化粧梁 - コピー.jpg
Interior material / outer wall

The individuality of the tree lives

We will deliver interior materials with or without knots, centered on cedar and cypress.

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