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● Design that makes use of polished logs (squeezing technology)

● Easy-to-use weight of about 1 kg

● Each one is finished by hand

● Independent type that can also be used as an interior

● Feels good even if you roll on the soles of your feet

Size: Length approx. 35 cm x Weight diameter approx. 12 cm
Weight: Approximately 1kg

Material: Handle part Yoshino octagonal cypress Weight part Yoshino cedar

Interior of Nenrin dumbbells

  • * About back splitting Back splitting is a cut made in the core of an undried coniferous tree <sugi or cypress>. Like humans, the surface of the wood also shrinks, so if there is no split back, large cracks will occur everywhere. It is a device to concentrate cracks on the back split and minimize the cracks on the surface. It is also a craftsmanship to insert the back split straight, and it has been used for pillars such as the Imperial Palace and shrines since ancient times.

    * Notes-Since natural materials are used as they are, there are "knots" and "cracks". Please note that it is a unique "taste" unique to materials that do not exist in the same way. Also, please note that the item design and size may vary from individual to individual and may not be exactly the same as the image. As the drying progresses, the wood gradually becomes lighter.
    ・ It is recommended to use it indoors because it changes rapidly over time in places exposed to direct sunlight.



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