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● " Nabeki / Coaster " with cute hinoki cypress branches and full of texture

● Hinoki cypress Nenrin increases its color and luster with age. It is said that bright lean meat comes out when the tree is over 100 years old.

● How many years have you lived cypress?


Size: 13 cm to 15 cm square x 1.8 cm thick

Material: Hinoki from Nara / Mie prefecture

Processing: Nara Prefecture


Hinoki cypress

  • <About the design> Natural materials are used, and the patterns and shapes of the wood differ depending on the product.

    <About hinoki cypress> The cypress component, which is a unique component of cypress, may come out on the surface and become sticky. Wipe it off with alcohol or wash it with hot water before use. * There is no harm to the body

  • * After receiving an order, there will be a sawing and drying process, and the product will be shipped within 14 business days.



511-2 Utanofuruichiba, Uda City, Nara Prefecture

Inside Morisho Meiki Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Phone: 0745-84-2021 (main)

FAX: 0745-84-4085

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