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Special Japanese paper with Yoshino cedar skin and mica is made into a Uchiwa using the technology of Marugame Dansen (Tomiha Dansen).

The technologies of Yoshino Forestry, handmade Japanese paper, and Marugame uchiwa fan overlap, and each one is carefully manufactured.

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・ Japanese paper with cedar skin of Yoshino cedar ・ The way light escapes is “nature” itself ・ Environmental contribution through thinned wood


〇Special handmade Japanese paper (Tesukiwashi) 〇

Since the raw materials for Japanese paper do not contain ingredients that weaken the quality of the paper, their storage stability is extremely excellent. At Shosoin in Nara, Japanese paper, which is said to be about 1300 years old, remains.

The typical raw materials for Japanese paper are mulberry, ganpi, and mitsumata . By mixing "Yoshino cedar skin" there, it becomes Japanese paper with a delicate expression.

Manufactured by making full use of the technology called "flow making".

"Handmade Japanese paper", which has been registered as an intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO, is a traditional Japanese craft that requires advanced technology.

Sugihide Washi Dan Fan (Uchiwa)



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