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We have created a multi-purpose stool that utilizes the techniques of Yoshino cedar, which has beautiful gentle lean and white meat, and Nara's traditional winter craft polishing logs. We will deliver Yoshino cedar, which is a high-class building timber, at a reasonable price.

The surface of the main body is "polished" and has a glossy and smooth texture. In addition, in the process of changing seasons (temperature and humidity), the color becomes glossy and candy (it changes to golden color).
The top and bottom are custom-cut with a large sawmill, and sandpaper is manually applied from there to create a nice finish.

It is used not only as a stool, but also as a flower stand and store display.

* Since the natural material is used as it is, "There is no same wooden pattern. Please note that it is a so-called product-specific" taste ". Also, since the natural material is used as it is, it is not always an image. Please note that it is not exactly the same as. We use Yoshino cedar polished logs.

Item Details Label: MORITO Interior that connects with the forest Size: Basic size Height 42cm Diameter approx. 24-30cm

Weight: 8 to 20 kg
Material: Yoshino cedar from Nara prefecture Polished log processing: Nara prefecture

* Back splitting is one of the techniques to prepare the surface of a tree by making a cut in the core of the core material of undried softwood <sugi or cypress>. Like humans, the surface of wood also shrinks, so if there is no split back, large cracks of about 5 mm will occur everywhere. It is one of the measures to concentrate the cracks on the back split and minimize the cracks on the surface other than the back split. Even so, cracks will always occur as it dries. Please love it as the individuality of the tree.
Even the pillars used in shrines and the like in the Imperial Palace often have a split back on the opposite side of the visible side.

Forest log stool (Yoshino cedar polished log finish)

  • We accept orders for heights between 20 cm and 42 cm.



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