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A log stool with an outstanding presence that allows you to feel the magnificent nature of Yoshino and enjoy the scent of cypress. The surface is made with "polished finish", which is a local traditional industry.


<Size> Height 42 cm x Diameter 24-30 cm

<Weight> About 10 to 20 kg


The standard stock item is 42 cm in height.

Other sizes are available as a made-to-order product.

There are 3 sizes: 42 cm ② 30 cm ③ 15 cm. The diameter is around 240 mm to 300 mm.


has a height that can be used as a sub stool together with a dining table, and can be used as a side table together with a sofa.
can be placed around the sofa as a simple chair, or it looks good as an ottoman. Also, it seems to be useful at the entrance (Doma) and the bathroom.

① ~ ③ can also be used as a display in stores.


It is a log that utilizes the techniques of Yoshino cypress, which has beautiful gentle lean meat, and Nara's traditional winter craft polishing log. The surface of the main body is polished and the texture gives you peace of mind and peace of mind. In the process of changing seasons (temperature and humidity), the color becomes glossy and glossy. The material is Japanese cypress for grades 40-70.


In the <Nihon Shoki> written in the Nara period, it is written that "Sugi and Kusunoki should be used for boats, Japanese cypress should be used for palaces, and Japanese cypress should be used for caskets." As the word suggests, cypress has been widely used in large-scale buildings such as castles, palaces, temples and shrines from ancient times to the present.

The reason is the strength and durability of cypress. It is said that Yoshino cypress is also used in Horyuji Temple, the oldest wooden building in the world that was built 1300 years ago.

The top and bottom are made to order with a large sawmill to make them parallel. From there, sandpaper is applied by hand to create a nice finish.
There is almost no wobbling and it is suitable for multiple uses. The back is split (processed to prevent large cracks and deformation due to shrinkage of wood).


〇Sugi and Hinoki in Nara Prefecture 〇

We conducted several experiments on cypress and cedar grown in the prefecture.
As a result, Japanese cypress and cedar produced in Nara prefecture are compared with those produced in other prefectures in terms of "suppressing the growth of Escherichia coli", "suppressing the growth of mold", "repelling mites", "inactivating viruses" and "reducing ultraviolet rays". It has been proven to be more effective than production.
(Please see this page for details such as experimental contents and detailed results)

Forest log stool (Hinoki cypress polished log finish)

  • -Since natural materials are used as they are for item design and size, there are "knots", "cracks", etc., although they are split back, but please understand that they are so-called "taste" peculiar to the product. Also, since we use natural materials as they are, there are individual differences in item design and size, so please be aware that they are not exactly the same as the images.

    * Please refrain from using in a humid place. Mold may occur in a damp environment.

    * Because it is heavy, please be careful when carrying it.



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