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The tightly packed cypress thinned from the rich forest is finished into a stool using traditional polishing techniques, and the size that can accommodate an A4 file is hollowed out with a chainsaw. Compared to log stools, it is easier to carry and lighter. Polished logs are not only the good scent of solid wood, but also "smooth and glossy" and very soft to the touch.
The scent of cypress is mainly composed of α-pinene, a monoterpene hydrocarbon, and has a relaxing and refreshing effect as if you were in a forest. It has been familiar to Japan for a long time and has sedative and tonic effects. It calms you down, heals your daily fatigue, and makes you feel more positive.

It can be used for storing books, chairs, display stands, camping stools, etc. The annual ring surface conveys the "magnificence of nature" and the "history of care".
Please enjoy the beautiful contrast between the gentle lean meat close to the core and the white wood close to the bark.

■ Voice of producers From 1927 to the present, we have spent time with trees together with everyone. We will continue to utilize that trust and experience in our daily changing lives.
We make various proposals so that we can "love and inherit" nature from the trees that the local people have carefully raised. And we will do our best every day so that we can stack the same "dense annual rings" as trees.

We hope that you can feel the warmth of wood such as "fragrance," "texture," and "aging" through MORITO products.

■ Contents and size
Name: Forest log series (cypress hollowed out and polished log finish)
Size: Height 42 cm Diameter 24 cm to 30 cm
Weight: About 5-10kg

■ Raw materials Hinoki Yoshino

■ Precautions / Others ※ About back splitting Back splitting is a cut made in the core of an undried coniferous tree <sugi or cypress>. It is also a craftsman's technique to put it straight with a chainsaw, and it has been used for a long time in pillars such as the Imperial Palace and shrines. Since the trees are also alive, they will crack as they dry. Back splitting is a device to minimize cracks on the surface, but cracks still occur.

* Caution Since the natural material is used as it is, there are some knots and cracks that can be used without any problem. Please note that it is a unique "taste" unique to wood materials that do not exist in the same way. Also, please note that there are individual differences in design and size, and they are not exactly the same as the images. It is recommended to use it indoors because it changes rapidly over time in places exposed to direct sunlight.

Forest log series (cypress hollowed out and polished log finish)



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