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● Natural wood that decorates the desk fashionably ● Cables are neat because it is tall ● Simple and cool shining bark and annual ring beauty ● Uses thinned wood from properly managed forest ● Earth-friendly, 100% low carbon wood Product ● Ultimately simple smartphone / tablet stand born from rare logs

The hinoki cypress grown in the forest is finished with the "MIGAKI" design that makes the best use of polishing technology.

Description of item
Brand: MORITO-Live with nature-
Name: Smartphone tablet stand MIGAKI
Size: Height approx. 10 cm x Diameter approx. 10 cm Groove width 8 mm Depth approx. 10 mm
Weight: 200-500g

MORITO: brand concept
Connecting Forests and Living ~ Live with nature ~

<Recommended smartphone / tablet>
Smartphones and tablets with a thickness of 8 mm or less * Used without a cover

[Until a glossy polished log is made]
(1) Tree planting / undergrowth mowing (2) Pruning / thinning (3) Logging / leaf withering (4) Carrying out from the mountain (5) Peeling / cracking the back (6) Polishing work <polishing the surface to make it smooth>
⑦ Sun-dried / cold-exposed <brings out the luster>
⑧ Naturally dried soil wall <Dry for over a year to condition the wood>

* About back splitting Back splitting is a cut made in the core of an undried coniferous tree <sugi or cypress>. It is also a craftsman's technique to put it straight with a chainsaw, and it has been used for a long time in pillars such as the Imperial Palace and shrines. Since the trees are also alive, they will crack as they dry. Back splitting is a device to minimize cracks on the surface, but cracks still occur.

* Caution Since natural materials are used as they are, there are some knots and cracks that do not affect the usability. Please note that it is a unique "taste" unique to wood materials that do not exist in the same way. Also, please note that there are individual differences in design and size, and they are not exactly the same as the images.
It is recommended to use it indoors because it changes rapidly over time in places exposed to direct sunlight.

Forest log stand &quot;MIGAKI&quot; / smartphone / tablet stand

  • We accept custom sizes for groove width and logs.



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Inside Morisho Meiki Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Phone: 0745-84-2021 (main)

FAX: 0745-84-4085

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