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Morisho Permanent Employee Forest Worker Recruitment

<We are looking for forestry friends>

Thank you for your interest in our many companies.

As the Morisho Forestry Team, we are looking for friends who have the desire to devote themselves to their work.

 Details of job information of Morisho Meiki Sangyo Co., Ltd.


Business content

* Felling of standing trees, lumbering, lumber collection * Operators of lumber collectors, heavy forestry machines, etc. * Work at Morisho workshop * Timber transportation

* Forest survey

* We would like to train young (up to 40 years old) forest workers. After hiring, you can obtain the qualifications required for forestry through the Forestry Agency Green Employment Forest Worker Training.
* Persons over 40 years old have preferential treatment for "experienced forestry" and "experienced civil engineering". You can play an active part as an immediate force!
* April-September is closed every Sunday and once a month on Saturday, and October-March is closed every Sunday, so there is almost no overtime. It is an environment where you can enjoy your private time while working as a full-time employee ♪ (If it rains continuously, you may be asked to commute to work on Sundays for forestry work)

● Occupation / Forest Worker

● Employment form / Permanent employee (with a 3-month trial period)

● Work content / Work in the forest, other work at the Morisho workshop Monthly salary 180,000-250,000 yen or daily salary 8,000-14,000 yen

* There is a separate overtime allowance.

● Work location / Forest work place mountain (Nara prefecture / Mie prefecture) and company workshop (511-2 Utanofuruichiba, Uda city, Nara prefecture) / Transportation access 15 minutes by car from "Haibara" station on the Kintetsu Osaka line

● Working hours / 8: 00-17: 00 (break time 120 minutes) * Includes deemed travel time.

● Holidays / Sundays and holidays (April-September is closed once a month on Saturdays), Golden Week, Obon, and year-end and New Year holidays are closed.

● Paid leave / Yes (as required by law, it is recommended to take 5 days or more) * We are actively taking paid leave on special days at home.

● Treatment / Salary increase Once a year Bonus once a year Private car commuting is possible (parking lot available), social insurance is available, retirement allowance system is available

● Qualification / Experience / High school graduate or above <Forestry civil engineering experience> <Young forest worker applicants> We will give preferential treatment.
After deciding to hire, the qualifications required for various forestry fields will be obtained through the Forestry Agency Green Employment Forest Worker Training.

● Consultation required depending on the presence / absence of company housing / conditions

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