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Morisho Meiki Sangyo Co., Ltd.


Morisho Meiki Sangyo Co., Ltd. Theme

"A rich life full of greenery"


"Being a manufacturing company that contributes to the natural environment and local communities"

Corporate philosophy​ "Protecting the mountains of Yoshino and refining traditional famous wood techniques"


From its founding 1927 to the present, we have spent time with trees together with everyone. We will continue to utilize that trust and experience in our daily changing lives.

We make various proposals so that we can "love and inherit" nature from the trees that the local people have carefully raised.

And we will do our best every day so that we can stack the same "dense annual rings" as trees.

Sandaime J Soul Brothers Representative Director Sadao Morimoto

Second generation Tokuzo Morimoto

Tatsuro Morimoto, Managing Director, Fourth Generation

​The feelings of Morisho Meiki


What is a forestry worker?

Create, grow, and protect forests,

And from that forest

Proposals for products that will be born.

That is, utilizing forest resources

Sustainable development

It's a design job.

Morisho's Instagram

This is Instagram of the managing director of sales and public relations of Morisho Meiki Sangyo Co., Ltd.

We are updating from time to time with the concept of "Live with nature that connects forests and living".

Morisho's work

Forestry (forest management / logging / export ⇒ sale of raw wood)

Wood manufacturing and sales business (sales of processed wood products from raw wood)

Planning of wooden space (suggested with designer / designer)

Wooden interior sale (polished log stool, single plate table, etc.)

Morisho Forestry Division

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Wood Manufacturing and Sales Division

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